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Prince cast Vanessa Marcil as "The Most Beautiful Girl In The world" for his video,and her baby daddy and former costar of 90210,Brian Austin Green- definately agrees. As for Stuff? Well, we decided we'd wait to pass judgement until after we'd photographed the SoCal supernova at an expensive mansion in scenic Southhampton, New York. The verdict? The star of NBC's Las Vegas is as beautiful as charged, Your Honor! But before the prosecution rests, we'd like you to review the mountain of evidence. For example, was this former General Hospital star actually married to Corey Feldman? Furthermore, did the accused really give Luke Perry a chubby while shooting 90210 love scenes with him? And finally, what's with all this lame legal lingo when she's clearly starring in a show about casinos? Uh... guess we're out of order.
Stuff: Your ex Corey Feldman claimed his drug problem was so severe that he-
Vanessa:Oh, we were never seeing each other, and I was never married to him. Rumors. We were a part of a group of kids who did drugs together. We all drank a lot, and we'd do our occasional hit of E. Nobody knew that he was even doing(heroin). It was a surprise to all of us when he got arrested. He was a great kid when I knew him. I was never his wife, so that's the only thing that confuses me about it.
Have you confronted him about that? No I don't really feel I need to defend myself.
Would you say that Corey had a Licence to Drive, or was he more of a Lost Boy when it came to his prowness in the bedroom?
Vanessa: How long did it take you to come up with that one? I can't answer questions about somebody who I knew for five minutes. I drank too much when I was a teenager and don't remember much about most of the people I was hanging out with.
Your Las Vegas costar James Caan used to be one of Hollywood's preeminent bad boys. From what you've seen, is he now one of Hollywood's preeminent bad Senior citizens? He's hot! We were just doing a press junket, and every girl who sat down to interview himturned red. It took me, like, two weeks to get passed the fact that he's not Sonny from the Godfather. "You're Sonny. Please, do not speak to me, because I'll have to pee." When I get nervous, I have to pee. And then I hold myself, because I never got over that when I was a kid. (One Time,) I was shopping, and the girl in the store was like, " Why are you holding your bird?"-which is what we called it.
I've not heard of this euphemism

Oh. you haven't? It's a nice, clean one. You know how guys walk aroundand adjust. I always find the need to adjust. I actually don't  need to adjust, it's just that I feel comforted.
Aside from crotch grabbing, what else is particularly guylike about you?I don't like to cuddle. After sex, I like to eat and go to sleep. I don't like to cuddle and talk. I'm not into getting married.
I thought you were engaged to Brian Austin Green!
No, I'm not. All rumor. I've never been married. I'm not engaged. All rumors.
Speaking of Brian, give me a review of his 1996 album. One Stop Carnival.
I was ready to say "Hate it. Understand why it didn't do well." But I heard it, and I love it. I think it is a great damn CD.
Underwear preference: Cotton and modest, or lingerie is hottest?
I like cotton, but not modest. I like little boy shorts. I like the innocent look, but they're accidentally supertiny.
I got a letter here from reader Sydney Hershel*( really just senior editor's and copy chief's respective cats.), who's looking for advice to spice up her relationship with her boyfriend.
Send him on a scavenger hunt. Write little notes to him and send him driving all over town to find the next note. The last note should send him to a hotel. There should be an envelope taped to the hotel door. He opens the envelope and inside is a blindfold. Then he walks into the room—which is difficult with the blindfold on. Inside the room, you take off all of his clothes; you sit him down on a chair. You order all of his favorite foods. You sit on his lap and tie his hands behind the chair. He should be feeling your fishnet stockings. You feed him. When you’re done, you put him in a bubble bath so he doesn’t have food all over him. Then you take him back to the chair and tie him back up.

Why didn't the guy you did this to ask you to marry him right then and there?
He did, actually. The next day, we picked out the ring.(Getting anxiously back to her story) So he's tied back up. You put some music on, and you strip for him.Now you have to rub up on him, because he can't see. At some point, you take the blindfold off, and you finissh stripping for him. Tell Sydney to treat the man like a prince.
I'll tell her. You were named after Vanessa Redgrave. Do you also share her deep-seated hatred of democracy?
(Laughs) I'll pass on that question.
So you're a socialist. I've heard that Luke Perry admitted in an interview-
Oh, no.
That he would get visibly aroused during you love scenes. Is this news to you, or was it  painfully obvious? Painfully obvious. I used to laugh it off. He made it appear as though it was something he had no control over. I think he was fine with it.
Did Prince really have 400 purple roses delivered to you? Prince did a lot of amazing things that I would never talk about, out of respect for his privacy.
I've read that he responds to Victor. You know I am going to have to ask why. Nope. I can't answer that
If he were feeling particularly sassy, would he ever go by Victoria?
No he would not. I will tell you that.
When it comes to gambling on black in the sack, have you ever bet on black?
(Laughs) Absolutely! And it is true what they say? Absolutely. But really, as long as a guy's funny and smart. You know guys are the visual ones.
I can't speak for my entire gender.
Yeah, But go ahead and do it.
You're right.
(Laughs) You visual bastard!