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Vanessa Marcil
The Showpiece

The real Vanessa Marcil is very different from “Sam” Marquez, the social-climbing, wheeler dealer she plays on Las Vegas . Despite rumors, the former General Hospital and Beverly Hills 90210 star was never married to Corey Feldman, nor is she married to actor Brian Austin Green (although they do share a son, two-year-old Kassius Lijah Marcil-Green). What is certain is that Marcil is down to earth and drop dead gorgeous.

Fashion style: I’m a risk-taker….in fashion and life. I have 900 pairs of jeans, T-shirts, flip-flops, tank tops, which is what I mainly live in. But when I go out at night I like to get a little sassy.

Real men do wear: Pink

Real men don’t wear: Speedos

Biggest style turn-on: A man who cares about dressing. He doesn’t have to dress a specific way, as long as he knows how to dress…but he has to look like he doesn’t care.

Biggest style turn-off: Tight jeans

What makes a guy stylish: The way he feels about himself and the way he treats women.

Favorite celebrity style: Female would have to be Nicole Kidman. For men, I like Benicio Del Toro or Sean Penn….they have style, they know how to wear clothes, but they’re not too fashionable.

Thoughts on Sin City: My girlfriends and I used to go to Vegas all the time…but it’s difficult to be anonymous when you’re in Vegas so you can be crazy.

Lucky charm: A bracelet that my son Kassius made for me.

Guilty pleasure: Watching the Simple Life…I TiVo it now. I’m really not big on reality shows…but Paris came and did our show and she was really sweet and I think she’s ridiculously hot. I just like to look at her.

Behind the scenes of Las Vegas: The party’s always in Jimmy Caan’s trailer. It’s a really nice place to come to work - and not all shows are like that.

Thoughts on Caan: He’s the biggest kid on set, but on the flip-side he is also quite obviously the most talented and the most knowledgeable. He teaches us all a lot. I can’t say enough about Jimmy, he’s the best - sweet, kind, a good father, funny, full of stories….I’m in love with him. And he has a crazy 25-year-old-six-pack stomach. He’s hot!