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Bring on the Balkan

Date: 2010.09.24 | Category: News | Tags: ,,,,

Brenda BarretBrenda’s storyline on ‘General Hospital‘ finally got interesting Friday. It turns out that Jason (Steve Burton) and Brenda (Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo) are still fun the second time around. His deadpan stoicism is the perfect counterpoint to her constant hyperactivity. The irony of the one man who never loved her stepping in to guard her out of a sense of obligation still works. Brenda’s disappointment that Suzanne, not Sonny, has recruited Jason for the job was hilarious as was Jason’s non-plussed response to Brenda asking him if  he owned a tuxedo.

Her storyline has finally taken shape. Brenda has some sort of secret past with the terrorist who is after her, known only as The Balkan. Lucky’s (Jonathan Jackson) ludicrous plot that involves him impersonating a dead Irish terrorist who happens to be his doppelganger started to make sense when it became apparent that Ronan O’Reilly had a meeting scheduled with The Balkan. Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) strong reaction to discovering that Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) was researching the Balkan suggests that he might have a connection as well, perhaps one that has something to do with the woman from his past he mentioned to Sonny. This has the potential to be the sort of exciting adventure storyline that used to be the show’s bread and butter. I hope that The Balkan will turn out to be a scary, three dimensional villain in the mode of Faison (Anders Howe) rather than silly like Franco (James Franco). I’ll be really impressed if the Balkan turns out to be a woman. A strong female villainess who is more powerful than the Port Charles mob would be a great addition to GH’s canvas. Source: Fancast