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There is a best Casino Host in Las Vegas, Samantha Marquez. Wwhen she was stealing the Montecito's high rollers,Danny McCoy discovered her, and She became a member of the Montecito team. He offered work to her for the Montecito exclusively, she agreed and has been with the casino ever since despite the fact that her contract expired. Sam is the feisty vixen of the group with her next move always being unpredictable. There is no telling what this girl will do.

Family Information
Parents: Her Parent's are mystery. Sam and Sams brother lived with her grandmother for a period of time until she died. After that they went to live with their father who probably abused Sam (at least this is what the show as alluded to so far.)

Siblings: Bob, who is her half brother. Currently a high flying business man turned from lazy rich boy. He and Sam are close even if Sam won't admit it.

Romantic History
Samantha has always been cynical about love and the "love them and leave them" type. She has been known to weave her spell on various gorgeous men including Danny. The first episode revealed that they had a fling...or tried to. Apparently she was trying to get information out of him and he was trying to get her into bed. Of course he had no idea who she was and was shocked to learn she was the casino host who had been stealing all of his high rollers.

However, Valentine's Day last year dropped a bombshell on Sam and all of her friends when Casey Manning, her long lost billionaire husband came to Las Vegas looking to get his wife back. Casey and Sam married seven years ago and were very much in love until Casey revealed who he truly was. The details of their marriage and subsequent break up are vague and all we really know is that he married Sam without telling her that he was a billionaire or anything about his past. Sam left him after learning about his lies and the two led separate lives for seven years until Casey returned to Las Vegas and tried to win her back. However things didn't go so well when he tried to blackmail into being his wife. He put in a bid to buy the casino and basically told her that either she will be his wife our he's going to fire her friends. Sam refused to give into his demands and left the Montecito and Las Vegas for parts unknown.

Casey lost the bid to buy the Montecito with Monica Mancuso buying it instead. With the help of Danny and Ed, Monica was able to lure Sam back to the casino once Casey was gone. But Casey showed up again after Monica's death, this time successfully buying the casino. Sam was not pleased to hear this and again refused his offer to be his wife. She filed for divorce and things got a big ugly between them. Before Casey flew off again to conduct his business around the rest of the world, Sam silently admitted that she still loves him.
Casey later returned to Vegas and decided he wanted to date Sam's best friend Mary Connell. Casey, who considers Sam is good friend now-asked Sam to hook him up with Mary. Sam seethed and continued her fling with Boston detective Woody Hoylt. The two seem to have a love-hate connection.

In the end of Season Four, Casey was murdered when he was poisoned. He left everything he owned to Sam including the Montecito. Before Sam really had time to react to Casey's death or her subsequent inheritance, she was kidnapped by one of her whales who turned out to be a psycho. Her love life will most likely be put on hold in Season Five due to her traumatic kidnapping. Time will tell.


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